Wrexham ownership success

Wrexham ownership success

Wrexham are FINALLY promoted back into the EFL after a 3-1 win over Boreham Wood. This is wonderful news for the club after long years of hurt and frustration they are finally back to where they belong. They have gained promotion in style by smashing the points record and securing promotion with one game left.

Wrexham has been in a whirlwind after Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney decided to buy the club back in 2021. Since the takeover, Wrexham AFC has been in back-to-back promotion fights and even starred in a Disney + series that showed the ins and outs of their campaign.  Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as expected have pumped vast amounts of money; this includes renovating the Racecourse Stadium. They have done so much for the Wrexham community; they have given the supporters hope and a team to be proud of. Recently Ryan Reynolds had just bought a house in the Welsh City. This shows that they are dedicated and fully committed to the long term.  Obviously, Ryan and Rob's personality is great and present a great comradery for the club. Ryan joked "I am so obsessed with this sport now that I actually hate this sport. Like, I wish it did not occupy my every thought,"  Wrexham has already broken the points record along with Notts County; you may have seen quite an extraordinary game between the two of them which resulted in former Premier League keeper Ben Foster saving a last-minute penalty. 

Wrexham have a great fanbase that were heartbroken last year as they lost in the playoffs. There is a huge discussion about how there is only one automatic place up for grabs when two teams are on another level compared to the rest of the league and there is a chance that Notts County may still not go up despite breaking the points record themselves. 

Wrexham impressive marketing Rob and Ryan will inspire other celebrities to get involved with football clubs. The marketing gone into Wrexham has been nothing short of extraordinary, Wrexham has gone from a struggling team in Wales to a global story. They have sponsorships from major companies around the world including TikTok which is easily the biggest sponsorship ever in the national league. Ryan has also exposed his own investments through Wrexham with the likes of Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile and 1Password.

Welcome to Wrexham was an incredible idea to boost the recognition for Wrexham and really pull the community together. They showed their ups and downs throughout the season and how they have found the first year of owning the Welsh team.  This provided not only Wrexham but the world a glimpse of what is happening with the football club. The show was a huge success, they are set to release a second series on their incredible year where they have just achieved promotion. Throughout this season, Rob and Ryan were showing the struggles of owning a club and how they started from scratch. It also shows how they always put the community first. This has made the support global; they now have a huge fanbase in America. So much so, Wrexham is set to play Manchester United in a Preseason Friendly in the USA. 

Why Wrexham?
They took over this club in lockdown, upon completion of the takeover on February 9, 2021, Reynolds and McElhenney said: "It is a special day for the two of us to become the latest stewards in the long and storied history of Wrexham AFC. There is a rich history involving this club with a loyal fanbase, the club was just lacking innovation and investment. The two Hollywood stars have introduced this, the club is now thriving.  People left wondering why not take over a club closer to home for the two Americans. MLS (Major League Soccer) is becoming a desirable project for American Celebrities. The MLS is a different format that protects businesses from the investments they make for example they have no relegations. So, there is a minor risk for an owner to take over an MLS club as they cannot get relegated, meaning they cannot lose massive amounts of value. If the club is always in the top division, they will get tv deals and sponsorships. This makes it all the more impressive that the Wrexham owners decided to pursue a club in Britain. You could say it's a higher reward but without a doubt, it is definitely a high risk.  With names as big as Ryan and Rob they have obviously attracted media attention, meaning they are televised a lot more than other National League sides. This is not only good for Wrexham but for the National League as a whole. People have taken an interest in the title race, there is excitement about what Wrexham are doing and it gives the league great publicity. Few people may argue that money could damage the league as Wrexham ‘bought the league’ however, it could also be seen as strengthening the quality. More televised games bring in more money for the rest of the league. 

Wrexham win

What next for Wrexham?
Within the National League, the investment was huge compared to the rest of the league so there is doubting there were financial benefits for the club. There is much more of a chance of immediate success as other clubs will not be able to compete financially. When looking ahead this could also be the case for League 2 however, once they start to reach the higher divisions; celebrity money will not wash away other sides financially. Therefore, it is so important to start further down the English pyramid for a celebrity owner so can get the club running efficiently before they enter the leagues with bigger financial structures.  Wrexham will again be a firm favourite to get promoted again next year. This is not an easy task as Salford have found out. Although, Wrexham have the fan base and money to compete at the top end of League 2. Hypothetically if they did get back-to-back promotions the third tier (League One) will be a difficult task, teams at the top end of the table are financially backed with huge fan bases. Wrexham will not be able to wash away teams financially; teams who get relegated from the championship always seem to be at the top end of the league due to large finances. However, if the ownership and players of Wrexham keep building up that solidarity and momentum there is no ceiling to what this club can achieve.