Weird World Cup Kits

Weird World Cup Kits

Cameroon 2002 

In 2002 the national side wanted a special kit to stand out for the tournament. The sleeveless shirt design certainly did that. Controversy sparked when FIFA cam out and banned the kit! What resulted was additional sleeves having to be stitched on to get around FIFA’s ban on the design. 

Mexico Goalkeeper 1994 

The Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos had no chance of going missing with one of the most striking designs ever seen on the pitch. The bright neon design with a super baggy fit made for one of the boldest designs seen. 

Bolivia – 1930 

This kit resembles stadium fans that decide to spell out their team name which usually works when those fans are assembled in perfect formation. However, put your team name on a squad of football players all running round the pitch and the message may get lost in translation.  

Nigeria Away – 1994 

Back to the 90’s, which seems to be the ultimate era of garish designs. The green and white pattern was supposed to simulate the nations flag. Instead it just hurt everyone’s eyes that looked at them. Perhaps it was part of their game plan to dazzle and distract their opponents on the pitch. 

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