The Wingrove Family rate the PRO Skills Trainer

The Wingrove Family rate the PRO Skills Trainer

Billy Wingrove (of ‘The F2’ fame) and his son Roman create amazing football videos with content ranging from very helpful training videos through to fun videos for anybody to enjoy. Roman is technically gifted in football, just like his father, so we were delighted to see them putting the Flick PRO through its paces.  

Wingrove Family rating the PRO Skills Trainer

In this video Roman and Billy rate the products that they own out of 10. Just after 14 minutes into the video they show off our newest piece of equipment, the Football Flick Pro Skills Trainer. They showed the many different features of PRO Trainer including the ramp, which allows you to pass the ball up the ramp and either volley it or practise your close control. Both Roman and Billy focused on this and it clearly showed the amount of fun both were having while practising. This is exactly what the PRO Skills trainer is all about.

Another interesting. but just as an effective technique for improving your close ball control. was flipping the Pro Skills Trainer upside down. They do this and then use the rebounder on the floor so it’s more like you are receiving a direct ground pass. This is a great demonstration of all the different types of rebounds you would get in real match experience. Also, just above the rebounder when it’s still flipped upside down is a mini target; Billy showed off his skills and got it into the target on his first attempt. This drill demonstrates the importance of accuracy which could be used by any player in any position, from finishing by a striker or just an accurate pass by a midfielder.

Billy also got to show off his accuracy one more time while using the ramp to set himself up on a volley where he hit it in the top bins. With both Billy and Roman showcasing their talents it was great to see Billy showing examples of how it should be done with his experience and then Roman replicating his very good attempts. It takes weeks, months or even years to replicate the skills shown in that video, however this is why practise makes perfect – a message that Billy repeated throughout the video. Roman decided on the rating and he rated the Pro Skills Trainer with a perfect 10/10. 

This news came fittingly as Football Flick has just recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary. This just outlines the progress made – to get high-profile accounts such as The Wingrove Family to give the new PRO skills trainer such a positive review is excellent! 

If you want to use the same Flick PRO trainer as Billy and Roman follow the link here. Thank you again to Billy and Roman check out their Youtube and Instagram