Quick Solo Training Drills

Quick Solo Training Drills

Drill Pattern 1 – Air Control Drill – roughly five to ten metres from your goal you should set out four cones that are arranged into a square. This drill is designed to mimic a real game situation where you may have your back to a defender, the ball is in the air, you need to control it and then move off from an opposing player and then move forward.

Drill Pattern 2 – Zig Zags – Arrange eight cones into two lines that are roughly five metres apart. Players need to run between the two lines in a zig-zag fashion with the ball as fast as they can while keeping control of the ball.

Drill Pattern 3 – Stop and Go – Football is all about moving and changing direction quickly. For this drill, you should arrange two cones roughly five metres apart. A player runs with the ball while keeping control of the other cone. You should then stop the ball at cone one and then must change direction and run back to the first cone and then back. Repeat this five times.

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