Professional Football Contracts For 8 Football Flick Academy Players

Professional Football Contracts For 8 Football Flick Academy Players

Football Flick Academy had some of its first participants back in 2014. Fast forward to 2022 and the seed of talent is now making waves in the professional game here in the UK. We revisit some of the players’ profiles and where they have now moved onto. It’s great to see that Football Flick has played a part in the journey of these players all the way to them signing their professional football contracts.

From left to right.

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Luca Barrington – Man City U18

Luca is an attacking left winger who is currently playing for the Man City U18’s and has a contract landed at the club until 2024. Even more he was part of the winning English youth League for the under 18’s. He has proved an important part of the squad during the season when he helped seal a late win against Liverpool U18’s. Read more

Pierce Charles – Sheff Wed U18

Pierce has had international call ups for Northern Ireland is a main stay in goal for Sheffield Wednesday U18’s. Pierce started out at Man City Youth Academy before transferring to the Owls in July 2021.

Jadel Katongo – Man City 

Jadel is a centre back with a promising future. With a professional contract at city until 2024 he has made appearances for England Under 18’s. Whats more he is a 2x winner of the English Youth Cup with his club side, seen alongside Pep Guardioula.

Nico O’reilly- Man City 

Nico is another member of the 2022 Youth Cup winning team also with a professional contract with his club until 2024. The attacking midfield is making huge ways and progressed right through the academy from the age of eight. Here he is pictured alongside his teammate Shea with Pep.

Luca Thomas – Leeds United.

Luca just signed his first professional contact after an impressive season for Leeds United under eighteens with 15 goals in 17 matches. Luca is proving himself as a keen striker.

Caden Kelly – Sunderland First Team squad.

 Caden has close ties with the Football Flick Academy and is currently playing for Sunderland U23 with a professional contract until 2024. He is capable of playing in a variety of forward roles and scored five goals in total for the Under 18’s. He made his first team debut in October of last year so we are excited to see were his progress will take him.

Shea Charles – Man City – Northern Ireland first team (trophy photo and NI)

 A Northern Irish international and a winner of two English Youth League’s. Now playing in the Man City Under 23’s after beginning as part of the Man city Academy under 9’s. Shea has a promising future ahead of him and has plenty of starts for Northern Ireland already.

Joe Snowdon – Leeds United.

Joe has a professional contract with Leeds United which the midfielder signed last year. He featured regularly for the under 18’s side, scoring five goals in 16 appearances for his side.

Congratulations to all the players for what they have achieved since 2016. At Football Flick we are proud to have played a part, even if small, in the development of these young players. Do you  have aspirations to become a professional player? Why not shop the Football Flick training range or check out some of the other Football Flick blogs.