How to improve strikers finishing- PRO Target Sheet

How to improve strikers finishing- PRO Target Sheet


Today we will be focusing on one of the most exhilarating aspects of football – finishing. In the world of football the ability to deliver a flawless strike and find the back of the net is an art that sets the great players apart.

1. Precision- Focus on refining your shooting accuracy by consistently practicing different types of finishes. Work on both power and placement, aiming for specific target areas within the goal.

2. Shot power: When in training it is important to practise what power you strike a ball. There are different scenarios on when to hit the ball harder or softer depending on the situation. One example of this could be if you are running through on goal and the keeper is rushing out a lofted or side footed finish could be the best option.

3. Footwork and Balance: Pay attention to your foot positioning and balance before striking the ball. A stable and well-placed foundation can significantly enhance your ability to control the shot, making it more accurate and effective.Volleys and Half-volleys: Practice striking the ball cleanly in the air. Vary the height and trajectory of the passes for a well-rounded skill set.

4. Training drills: Practise is key when it comes to finishing, it is a skill that can be constantly improved upon. Even the best in the world are consistently practicing- here are some drills to improve finishing for player/team. 

  • Target Practice: Set up different target zones in the goal and practice hitting those spots consistently with both feet.
  • One-on-One Scenarios: Simulate game situations where you're facing a goalkeeper. Work on finishing when you have a clear chance in front of goal.
  • Volleys and Half-volleys: Practice striking the ball cleanly in the air. Vary the height and trajectory of the passes for a well-rounded skill set.
  • Rebound Drills: Work on reacting quickly to rebounds. Have someone deliver crosses or shots, and focus on finishing the loose balls.
  • Pressure Situations: Introduce defenders or time constraints to simulate match pressure. This helps improve decision-making and composure.
  • Small-sided Games: Engage in small-sided matches where you get plenty of opportunities to finish in different scenarios, promoting quick thinking and accuracy.

5. The Pro Target Sheet: As previously discussed training for finishing is vital when wanting to become a successful striker. Football Flick are determined to help you and your team to train like a pro. This gives a brilliant introduction to our newest addition to Football Flick Pro Range which Is the Pro Target Sheet. This is excellent for any coach or academy working on accuracy when shooting. 

The Flick PRO Target Sheet is a high quality mesh training product with 5 target zones. It attaches to any 24' X 8' goal frame using uPVC clips and straps that can withstand even the hardest of strikes. The target sheet has been designed to help improve accuracy and shooting. The product comes with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage. 

You may of seen this product in use over the previous 6 months with many professionals and future ballers having huge success.

The target sheet was used in a campaign called PRO v PRO. Professional footballers Morgan Rodger’s and Lewis Fiorini both did certain challenges while trying to finish the ball into the top bins. 

Manchester City Academy has also been seen using the target sheet. All the academy boys including recent Manchester City hero Oscar Bobb got to use the PRO target sheet at there training ground.

Manchester City are one of the best academies in world football. This is a perfect example of why the PRO target sheet is an amazing product for coaches and academies. Having a full size target sheet will help to improve finishing and have a clear outline of your goal scoring finesse.

If you are hitting the target corners in training, it can be easily transferable to competitive matches. Scoring in the target corners also means that a goalkeeper would find it very difficult to stop in real game play. 

The target sheet can also be beneficial to goalkeepers. If a goalkeeper is standing in front of the target sheet, they can see the shots they are not saving. If it goes past the keeper and into a corner target, the goalkeeper will get a better feel in what corners he/she excels at and what they may want to practise more. 

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