How to pass like Kevin De Bruyne

How to pass like Kevin De Bruyne

Passing like Kevin De Bruyne requires a combination of technical skill, vision, and decision-making. De Bruyne is known for his precise short and long-range passes, as well as his ability to deliver accurate crosses. Here are some tips to help you pass like Kevin De Bruyne:

Two-Footed Ability:

Develop proficiency with both feet. Kevin De Bruyne is known for his excellent ability to pass accurately with both his left and right foot. Practice passing drills with your weaker foot to improve its strength and precision.

Passing Technique:

Focus on your passing technique. De Bruyne is known for his clean, crisp passes. Work on the inside-of-the-foot pass, as well as using the instep for longer passes. Keep your passes low and accurate. The video below shows an example for technique and accuracy similar to how de Bruyne completes his passes. 


Vision and Awareness:

Improve your awareness of the game and develop the ability to read the play ahead. Kevin De Bruyne is known for his exceptional vision on the field, he is one of the best in the world at being able to pick out a pass from nowhere. Practice scanning the field regularly to identify open spaces and potential passing opportunities.


Timing and Decision-Making:

Work on your timing and decision-making skills. De Bruyne makes split-second decisions on the field, knowing when to release the ball and when to hold onto it. Practice decision-making drills in various game scenarios.

 Weight of Pass:

Learn to control the weight of your passes. De Bruyne is adept at delivering passes with the right amount of power and precision. Practice adjusting the strength of your passes depending on the situation and the distance to your teammate. You will want to make sure that the pass is perfect for your attacker to run on too. This is why KDB passing is so effective as he gives the attacker a better opportunity to take the ball into his feet. Football Flick offer help when it comes to weight of pass. The Tekkers pack includes a 3X3 square grid where you can try and accurately pass the ball into each grid, this can be used competitively or on your own. 

Long-Range Passing:

Practice your long-range passing. De Bruyne is known for his ability to deliver accurate long balls. Work on your technique and power to be able to pick out teammates over longer distances. Football Flick offer the Urban and Pro return ball which is perfect for practising long range passing. 

Set Piece Delivery:

If you want to emulate De Bruyne's set-piece delivery, practice taking corners, free-kicks, and other set pieces. Focus on delivering the ball with accuracy and pace.


Pay attention to your positioning on the field. De Bruyne's passing effectiveness is also influenced by his ability to find good positions to receive and distribute the ball. Work on positioning yourself to have a clear view of the field and passing options.

Receiving Under Pressure:

Develop the ability to receive the ball under pressure. This will not only help you in retaining possession but also in making quick decisions for the next pass.

Watch and Learn:

Analyze Kevin De Bruyne's playing style by watching his matches. Observe how he positions himself, the angles he chooses for passes, and his decision-making in different game situations.

Remember that becoming a skilled passer like Kevin De Bruyne takes consistent practice, dedication, and a keen understanding of the game. Regularly incorporate passing drills into your training routine and focus on continual improvement.