Improve Your Finishing – A Training Guide

Improve Your Finishing – A Training Guide

We have all been there, but some players always seem to be better at handling these situations than others. The key is to get in front of a goal and continue to practise these drills over and over so next time this happens you know exactly where the best place is to put the ball and plant that ball right in the back of the net.

Here is a quick training quick on how to improve your finishing!

Drill Pattern 1. Set up your goal where you can run at least ten metres towards it at pace. Place two cones on the goal line roughly a metre apart from the centre of the goal. Then take ten to fifteen yards from the centre of the goal and lay out two cones on either side of you. Lay out the ball and then finish in between the right-hand post and the right hand cone without the ball leaving the floor. Complete ten repetitions with your right foot and then ten repetitions with your left.

Drill Pattern 2. For the second drill move your starting position cones to the left of the goal. Complete the same drill as the first with ten repetitions on your left and then your right foot. This will help you to control your finishes when the angle of the goal is reduced by the positioning of the keeper and help you to practise opening your body when placing your shots.

Drill Pattern 3. Place one cone ten to fifteen steps from the centre of your goal. With your back to the goal and in front of your starting cone. Kick the ball out to your left hand side with the side of your foot. Then place your finishes with power between the far cones and the post. Complete repetitions moving off from your left and then right hand side alternating each side of the goal you place your shots. This will help you when turning off from defenders and getting your positioning ready quicker than if you were already facing the goal.

Drill Pattern 4. Repeat drill 3 but change your finishes to lobs with the aim to get the ball to land on the goal line.

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