How to score like Cristiano Ronaldo

How to score like Cristiano Ronaldo

Scoring like Cristiano Ronaldo involves a combination of technical skill, physical prowess, and mental attributes. While it's challenging to replicate his exact style, here are some tips to enhance your goal-scoring ability:

Finishing Technique:

Ronaldo is known for his clinical finishing. Work on various finishing techniques, including volleys, one-touch finishes, and shots from different angles. Ronaldo is one of the greatest finishers if not the greatest in world football, this comes from relentless practasing. To help you practise you can use Football Flicks Essential Corner Shots which will help to strike the ball into the corner of the nets. 


Both Footed Finishes: 

Practice with both feet to become a more versatile and unpredictable scorer. Ronaldo was unbelivable with both feet. He is a natural right footed player but the video below shows he is lethal on his weaker foot also. This creates fear into the opposition defenders as they can't predict which way you will take the ball. 



Study Ronaldo's movements inside the box. His ability to find space and position himself well is crucial for scoring goals. Work on your positioning to be in the right place at the right time. Anticipate where the ball will be and make intelligent runs. Ronaldo's runs in behind and anticipation to be in the right place at the right time is why he is one of the best. 


Heading Ability:

Ronaldo is a formidable header of the ball. Practice your heading technique, including timing your jumps, directing the ball, and generating power. Ronaldo is known for his jumping reach, not many players can reach the heights he can get too. To improve this you can work on your strength and conditioning, particularly for your neck and upper body, to improve your heading ability.


Speed and Agility:

Ronaldo's explosive speed and agility give him an edge when making runs and beating defenders. Include speed and agility drills in your training routine to improve your quickness and acceleration. Football Flick offer the essentials Octa Speed Rings that can help you to improve your speed and agility. 


Ball Control:

Develop excellent ball control to receive passes and set up shots quickly. Ronaldo's quick and precise touches enable him to create goal-scoring opportunities. Practice juggling and dribbling drills to improve your overall ball control skills. Football Flick offer a range of products that can help with your ball control including the Urban Skills Trainer, Pro Skills Trainer, Pro Return Ball and Pro Wall Rebounder.  


Free Kicks:

Ronaldo is renowned for his free-kick prowess. Dedicate time to practicing free kicks, focusing on accuracy, power, and different techniques such as knuckleballs. Study his free-kick technique and try to replicate it in your training sessions.


Long Shots:

Ronaldo is known for scoring spectacular long-range goals. Practice shooting from distance to improve your ability to score from outside the box. Focus on your technique, including body positioning and striking the ball cleanly.


Physical Strength:

Ronaldo's physical strength is a key asset. Incorporate strength training into your routine, emphasising lower body strength, core stability, and overall athleticism.

Mental Toughness:

Develop mental toughness and confidence in front of goal. Ronaldo is known for his self-belief and determination. Stay focused, be resilient, and maintain a positive mindset.