How to play Soccer Tennis (Rules and Equipment to get started)

How to play Soccer Tennis (Rules and Equipment to get started)

Soccer Tennis also known as Football Tennis, Futnet is a sport played with a football. It can be played indoors and outdoors of two opposing teams of two or more players. Soccer Tennis is a fun game that can be played at home and in the back garden. However it is also an internationally recognised game with official rules and regulations. The game has become popular as part of fun warm up games and training for football players both amateur and professional.

History of Soccer Tennis (Futnet)

The first known instance of Soccer Tennis being organised and played was at the Football Club Slavia Prague, in the Czech Republic in 1922. By 1940 the first official rules had been written and the game is still popular today, particularly in the surrounding countries surrounding the Czech Republic. European Championships have been organised and played since 1991.

Rules of Soccer Tennis

There are currently three Soccer Tennis (Futnet) disciplines.

Singles: One player, two touches, one bounce permitted. Court size: 9m x 12.8m

Doubles: Two players, three touches, one bounce permitted. Court size: 9m x 12.8m

Triples: Three players, three touches, one bounce. Court size: 9m x 18m

The first team to reach eleven points wins a set with a maximum score of 15:14. To win a match a team wins two sets.

Soccer Tennis Equipment

Football Flick has two sizes of Soccer Tennis courts currently available suitable for home and the training pitch. Both sets come with bags so you can take your Soccer Tennis and play wherever you want this summer.

Soccer Tennis Maxi

Mini Soccer Tennis

Benefits of playing Soccer Tennis 

  1. Improved Touch and Control – Soccer Tennis requires good touch and control and players that master soccer tennis are markedly improved in those areas.
  2. Improves your teamwork communication – being able to anticipate your teammates movements and placement of the ball can help develop communication skills. Developing these skills can then even translate into real game situations.
  3. Fun social interaction – What better way to socialise or make your end of training session fun than by taking on other players at Soccer Tennis. Play at home, on the training pitch, beach or campsite.