How to improve your distribution as a goalkeeper

How to improve your distribution as a goalkeeper

Today, we dive into the goalkeeping world and focus on distribution as a goalkeeper. Improving a goalkeeper's distribution involves honing various skills, both technical and tactical. Here are some tips to enhance a goalkeeper's distribution:

Technical skills 

Footwork and Balance:

Firstly, you will need to ensure that the goalkeeper maintains good footwork and balance when preparing to distribute the ball.

Practicing quick and precise steps to position themselves correctly for the desired pass is pivotal as there will be many occasions that a defender will pass back to the goalkeeper. Practicing footwork and balance will help to receive the ball under pressure then release again.

Ball Control:

Develop excellent ball control with both feet. This includes trapping the ball quickly and efficiently. Practice using various parts of the foot which can include, inside, outside and instep to control the ball.

Passing Technique:

Master different passing techniques, such as the driven pass, lofted pass, and side-volley. A brilliant example of these goalkeeper distribution is Manchester City’s Ederson.

Ederson is the ultimate goalkeeper when it comes to distribution with your feet. All different passing techniques are highlighted within the video.

This helps teams such as city to play total football and a lot of attacks start from the goalkeeper when you have accuracy such as this.

 You can practise this by focusing on a technique that will suit you and repeating this until the form of follow through has been perfected.

Distribution under Pressure:

Simulate game-like situations during training to practice distribution under pressure. Training yourself or the goalkeeper to remain calm and make sound decisions even when facing opposition pressure can be especially important. This helps you to perform the distribution in real match scenarios.

Distribution from Hands:

Work on accurate throws, aiming for the feet or the hands of teammates. Practice quick and long throws to initiate counterattacks or distribute the ball efficiently.

Goal Kicks:

Develop consistent goal kicks with both feet. Practice different trajectories and distances to find the best option based on the game situation.

Tactical Skills 

Awareness and Decision Making:

Improve the goalkeeper's awareness of the game situation, helping them make quick and accurate decisions on whether to distribute the ball short or long. Encourage goalkeepers to scan the field before distributing the ball to identify the best passing option. 

Not even the best of the best make the right decision all the time, it's about trying to make the right decision for the team. This could be clearing the ball to safety or playing it short if the defenders have time on the ball. 


Enhance communication between the goalkeeper and teammates to facilitate better distribution options. This is vital in goalkeeping because communicating ensures they opt for a short pass, long kick, or throw.

Goalkeeper products to help goalkeeping distribution

Pro Return Ball

This is ideal for any goalkeeper willing to improve distribution as it has an integrated bungee cord which means the ball always comes back to you no matter how hard you strike the ball. Easily adjustable cord length for different spaces, distances, and drills.

Ideal for practising goal kicks and other drills that improve strike power and accuracy. You can even practise your throwing power without having to fetch the ball afterwards. The ball is a match grade ball which is perfect if you want to replicate in game experience even further.

Urban Return Ball

The Urban Return Ball weighted base unit and bungee cord allows players to practise short and long passing which is perfect for goalkeeper training. Practicing goalkeeper training solo has never been easier, knowing that the ball always come back to you no matter how hard you strike it. You can easily adjust the cord length for different spaces, drills, and distances of up to 25 metres.

Both Pro and Urban return balls can be used for many different scenarios, the main advantage is practising striking techniques and shot power. Long range passing is a key skill to possess in football however, it can be very frustrating practising this when you are training solo. Having either one of these products will get rid of the inconvenience of running after the ball once you have hit it. 

Setting out targets is an excellent way of improving your accuracy, a perfect example is a challenge Football Flick presented on the PRO v PRO campaign. Lewis Fiorini and Morgan Rogers are two professionals who took on the challenge which included the Pro Return ball.

Go to minute 1:17 to check out the Pro Return Ball in full flow.