How To Dribble Like Lionel Messi

How To Dribble Like Lionel Messi

Dribbling like Lionel Messi involves a combination of speed, agility, close ball control, and quick changes of direction. While everyone has their own unique style, here are some tips to help you improve your dribbling skills and emulate Messi's style:

Close Ball Control:

Practice keeping the ball close to your feet. Messi is known for his tight ball control, which allows him to navigate through tight spaces and past defenders. 

Low Centre of Gravity:

Keep a low centre of gravity by bending your knees slightly. This makes it easier to change direction rapidly and maintain balance.

Quick Changes of Direction:

Work on your agility and practice quick changes of direction. Messi is known for his ability to shift his body weight rapidly, making it difficult for defenders to predict his movements.

Use of Body Feints:

Incorporate body feints and subtle movements to deceive defenders. Messi often uses small feints and shoulder drops to wrong-foot opponents.

Acceleration and Deceleration:

Develop explosive acceleration and deceleration. Messi can go from standing still to full speed in an instant, catching defenders off guard.

Use of Both Feet:

Practice dribbling with both feet. Messi is proficient with both his left and right foot, which makes him unpredictable and harder to defend against.

Peripheral Vision:

Improve your peripheral vision to be aware of the surrounding players and anticipate their movements. Messi has excellent awareness, allowing him to navigate through crowded areas with ease.

Practice Changes in Pace:

Vary your pace while dribbling. Messi is known for his ability to slow down and speed up suddenly, leaving defenders flat-footed.

Shielding the Ball:

Learn how to shield the ball with your body. Messi uses his body to protect the ball from defenders, making it challenging for them to win possession.


Small-Sided Games:

Engage in small-sided games or drills that emphasize quick decision-making and close ball control. This simulates real match scenarios and helps improve your dribbling under pressure.

Repetition and Consistency:

Like any skill, becoming a proficient dribbler requires consistent practice. Spend dedicated time regularly working on your dribbling skills.

Remember that Messi's style is unique to him, and while you can learn from his techniques, it's essential to develop your own style and adapt these tips to your strengths and preferences. Regular practice, dedication, and a love for the game will contribute to your improvement as a dribbler.