How To Do Backward Stepovers

How To Do Backward Stepovers

This skill is great if you want to show off to your mates or create some confusion when on the pitch and you are moving play back up the pitch. Make sure you are well-rehearsed and you practice this skill plenty before you put it on the pitch. However, if you can already manage to string together a few regular stepovers, you should be able to manage this one too pretty quickly. Just don’t get too confident in a game and try to pull out backward stepovers all the time. These should be kept for showing off your freestyle moves or used to fool your opponent every now and again. You can leave yourself open to a strong slide tackle if you attempt this too many times and you might end up looking like the fool.

Step 1. Drag the ball back at speed you can move alongside the ball with.

Step 2. Practice stepping behind without the ball each time you move backwards.

Step 3. When you are comfortable with both moves bring them both together. Remember to start slowly before you build up some speed.

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Once you’ve mastered the backward stepovers skill, make sure you take a of video yourself and send it to us at at @footballflick on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok or use #SeriousPlay. We’ll be keeping an eye out and will share the best videos. We have lots of other tutorials available for beginners through to professional freestylers so check back regularly or follow us on social media to keep up to date with all our skills videos.

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