Improving Hand-Eye Coordination/ Hero Target Tower

Improving Hand-Eye Coordination/ Hero Target Tower

Football flick have brought an excellent new addition to the Hero Range. The Target Tower will provide hours of fun while also improving important skills such as their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  

 Importance of Hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the ability to coordinate the movements of the eyes with those of the hands in order to complete a task. This skill is important for activities such as sports, drawing, and using a computer. Good hand-eye coordination can help with accuracy and precision in tasks.

Hand-eye coordination is important for children because it helps with their overall physical development and can improve their fine motor skills. It can also help with their cognitive development, as it requires concentration and problem-solving skills. Overall, hand-eye coordination is an important skill for children to develop as it can help with their physical and cognitive abilities. 

Decorated people within this field believe outdoor play is pivotal when improving hand-eye coordination. Many studies have shown that Outdoor activities such as throwing and catching a ball can be very beneficial to improving hand eye coordination. This exercise helps improve coordination by requiring the eyes to track the movement of the ball and the hands to catch it accurately.

Hand eye coordination is a crucial skill for children to develop as it helps them with everyday tasks and improves their performance at school. Incorporating interactive games and activities into their daily routine can help in the development of hand-eye coordination skills in an enjoyable way.  

The Hero Target Tower

 The Hero Target tower is an ideal way to ensure your child can enhance their hand eye coordination. From ages 3-7, they can improve certain skills while being fully entertained with our new target tower. It is a vertical colourful tower where you can throw or kick the balls into the target.  

The Football Flick Hero! Target Tower helps younger players develop their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. Quickly assemble the target tower and begin shooting your coloured footballs into the 3 target zones to combine mental learning with physical fun.

The Target Tower can also improve your football skills. Using the mini balls, you can try to kick the ball into the target. This is no easy task, but after practise and determination, you can improve your accuracy! 

The reversible design means Target Tower can be enjoyed for solo play and with friends and family. The Hero! Target Tower comes with target tower, 3 coloured footballs, sticker sheet, score card and a colouring in sheet. 

While improving these skills there is also the case of competitiveness, this makes it all the more fun for the children to play and keep track of how they are doing. With a score card they can check their progress and compare it when a friend. However, in the end, everybody is a winner!

This is a mentally stimulating game that will keep your children entertained for hours on end. this will get them outdoors and away from the glaring screens that are so easily attached to everyday life.