Football Rebounders: A Complete Guide

Football Rebounders: A Complete Guide

Playing football at home used to mean all you would need to get started is a football. At Football Flick though we always understood that sometimes practising on your own could prove tricky, which is why we created our range of rebounders. Whether you are just starting out or you’re already playing in professional academies we have got the training equipment you need to start improving your skills like you never knew you could. With just a bit of added imagination, you can create all sorts of games with a football rebounder and create skills you may never have thought possible simply on your own.

Why Use a Football Rebounder? 

They are super adaptable.

Want to improve your control? Rebounders are perfect for this, and it is generally what most users will use a rebounder for. All Football Flick rebounders are designed to be appropriate for back-garden use and easy to transport and store. 

They improve your timing. 

The spring materials mean that any ball coming back to you can return your speed. Over time you will learn how to get used to adapting your stance and body position to control the ball quickly.

Unlike a garden wall, they won’t scuff or damage your football. 

Garden fences and walls tend to damage the surface of your footballs reducing the grip and texture as well as damaging your back garden fences. Over time having a dedicated Football Rebounder should help your footballs last longer than if you weren’t.

They are great for solo Goalkeeper Training. 

Starting as a goalkeeper at a young age can be especially difficult so having a rebounder means you can practice dives and get used to reaching for the ball by throwing the ball at your rebounder and then practice making saves on your own.

Work on your 1-2’s and volleys. 

Improve your control and touch and get more comfortable controlling the ball with a variety of heights and speeds without having to play with other players. This means you can start to put real-time into football training without having to be in a formal training environment.

Check out our Rebounders

Dual Speed Rebounder 
Our Dual sided Rebounder is made from high-quality materials. Adjusts to 6 different angle positions for varied returns from the large surface area. The sturdy design folds flat for storage and portability. Made from Metal, Elasticated Nylon and Plastic.
Urban Skills Trainer
Our all-in-one training platform as well as having a front ramp and target basket also includes a rear rebounder. Scientifically validated to improve player’s control – This makes the trainer the world’s only scientifically validated to improve players’ control.
Hand-Held Rebounder
Designed to improve your skills at goalkeeper agility as well as fast control and reaction for outfield players. Being hand-held means that it is easy to handle and creates unpredictable returns in lots of other ball sports.
HERO! Mini Skills Trainer
Looking for a rebounder that can help improve younger players’ abilities? The Hero! Mini Skills Trainer is the perfect place to start. Specially designed for players between the age of 3 and 7.