Best Football Goals for the Back Garden

Best Football Goals for the Back Garden

Learn what makes our Football Goals the best Football Goals for your back garden.

  1. Sizes that suit every kind of back garden. We have four different sizes to suit the size of your back garden. Our six feet by four feet goal is appropriate for younger players.

Different sized goals include:

  1. Easy Assembly that makes your job easy. Our unique Urban locking system makes the assembly of all our uPVC Goals super quick and easy to set up. The Urban locking system also provides the ultimate rigidity and stability. Our super simple building instructions also means that you can disassemble them in five minutes.

  1. All weather frames that last – The all-weather frames are designed to withstand whatever the great British weather throws at them. This is unlike other Goals that need to be taken down in time for Winter.

  1. Upgrade your goals with Corner Shots – the best way to make your goals more exciting. What Urban Goals wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Corner Shots. The quick release fastening straps also mean you can quickly take your corner shots to attach to any goal. Being made from the same strong UPVC material as our goals mean that Football Flick Corner Shots are designed to take everything players throw at them.

  1. Looking for more portable goals? – Try our Urban Target Goals set up and fold away in seconds making them portable and easy to store. They also come with a carrying bag and pegs to secure your Goals down. The Target Goal also means players can practice chipping the ball and accuracy or simply flip over the goal for an open net design.