Benefits of your Urban Mini Wall Rebounder

Benefits of your Urban Mini Wall Rebounder

Football Flicks Urban range has come out with another product, and we believe this is a belter! This can improve your passing accuracy to ensure your passes never go astray again!

Today, we will look at the benefits that ensure you know everything about the new mini rebounder.

 What skills does the Mini Wall Rebounder improve?

Passing is one of the major skills within football and its one skill that can be developed over long periods of time. Short passing may see like an easy task until you go into a competitive game, and you feel like your passes are going astray and you feel like you’re a bit of touch with the game!

Well, the mini wall rebounder is here to help you ensure those passes are crisp and precise. With the ultra-durable rebound wall, it is perfect for improving ground passes. The target is not very big, it is designed to be smaller to make the accuracy realistic to what it would be in a real competitive game.

You must ensure that the ball is passed accurately along the ground otherwise the ball will not return. If your pass is astray, you will not get the reward of the rebound, this will take time but once you get brilliant results. You can pass it from whatever distance you feel comfortable with, if you are mastering the skill, you can take it further out!

With the mini wall rebounder, you can also do close ball control and close passing. You can try and rebound the ball as quick as possible and see how many passes you can achieve at a fast pace. On the flip side you could also pass it into the rebounder with speed and then it will rebound the ball back into your path which would improve your ball control.

 Once you enter the field of play again after training with the rebounder, you should feel a lot more confident about your passing and ball control.

Rebounder Games

Pass and Control: Set up the rebounder a short distance away and practice passing the ball against it. Try to control the ball as it bounces back to you, using different parts of your body such as your feet, thighs, and chest. This game helps improve your passing accuracy and ball control.


Shooting Practice: Position the rebounder in front of the goal and practice shooting on target. The rebounder will send the ball back to you, simulating a real game situation. Work on your shooting accuracy and technique by aiming for specific areas of the goal.


1-on-1 Rebounder Game: Play a 1-on-1 game with a friend using the rebounder as a mini-goal. The objective is to score goals by bouncing the ball off the rebounder into the mini goal. This game helps improve your shooting under pressure and your defensive skills.


Volley Challenge: Challenge yourself or a friend to a volley game using the rebounder. One player serves the ball by bouncing it off the rebounder, and the other player attempts to volley it back over the rebounder and into a goal. This game enhances your volleying skills and reflexes.


Passing Accuracy Challenge: Set up targets around the rebounder and practice passing the ball to hit specific targets. You can create a point system and compete with friends to see who can accumulate the most points by hitting the targets accurately.


Dribbling Drills: Use the rebounder to practice dribbling skills. Pass the ball against the rebounder and work on your dribbling techniques as you retrieve it. This helps improve your close ball control and dribbling under pressure.


First Touch Game: Challenge yourself to take the ball down from the rebounder with your first touch and control it effectively. This game helps refine your first-touch skills, which are crucial in a real football match.


Pass and Move: Practice passing the ball against the rebounder and then quickly moving into a new position to receive the ball again. This game improves your passing accuracy and off-the-ball movement.


These are just a few examples of the games you could play with the mini rebounder, not only a great way to develop your skills but also a lot of fun. They can be done individually or with friends, making them a versatile and enjoyable training tool for soccer players of all ages and skill levels.


Mini Wall Rebounder- Easy Storage and Assembly


One of the main benefits of this product is that it has a sturdy construction from aluminium and high tensile mesh which can withstand continual usage.


This product can withstand all types of weather and you can keep this in your back garden or can pack it anywhere you please. It’s small design and compatibility makes It perfect to store away and set back up whenever you please.


With its compact design it is very easily transportable, you can take it to a family or friends to enjoy the fun anywhere. You could take it to football training, improve your team’s passing accuracy by conducting drills with the product. Any of this is possible due to the easy transportation of the product.


Football Flicks Wall Rebounders

You may have seen our different ranges of wall rebounders that have been a huge hit by many of you! This is another version, but this is mainly focused on passing and close ball control.

This is an affordable way to unlock your inner Kevin De Bruyne!