7 Soccer games to play outside in the garden

7 Soccer games to play outside in the garden

As the gentle warmth of spring beckons us outdoors, Flick is excited to help you kick off your season of sport right in your own backyard! While we may not have a summer world cup this year, fear not! We've curated a collection of engaging backyard football games that will have you and your family enjoying the blossoming season while honing your skills and having fun together.

1. Musical Football: Bring the joy of music and football together with Musical Football! Players dribble the ball around the garden to the rhythm of your favorite tunes. When the music stops, freeze with the ball at your feet. Those who aren't quick enough are out until a winner emerges. Try it with our Flick Spring Playlist for added cheer!

2. Brazilian Brilliance: Gather in a circle for a game of Brazilian Brilliance! Pass the ball between players, keeping it off the ground. Make sure your passes are crisp and accurate, or risk elimination. Keep the ball moving until only one player remains triumphant!

3. Nutmeg Showdown: Test your agility and trickery with the Nutmeg Showdown! Players attempt to pass the ball through the legs of their opponents. It's a game of skill and deception, perfect for showcasing your tekkers. See if you can outmaneuver your friends and family to claim victory!

4. Soccer Tennis: Combine the excitement of football with the finesse of tennis in Soccer Tennis! Set up a makeshift net and court in your backyard and rally the ball back and forth. Use only one bounce and quick reflexes to keep the game going. It's a fantastic way to improve your reaction time and ball control skills. 

5. Target Test: Challenge yourself with the Target Test! Set up various targets around your backyard and see how many you can hit within a set time. Whether you're aiming for Flick training equipment or household objects, it's a great way to refine your accuracy and precision while enjoying the springtime weather.

6. SpirallBall: Inspired by the hugely popular game called RoundNet. Suitable for 2 or more players, Spiralball can be used as a fun game for warm-ups or lighter training sessions as a way to improve reactions, agility and co-ordination. Simply ping the ball off the reaction net to try and get the ball past your opponent as they try to also get you out. Perfect for all surfaces, Spiralball is a fun game for friends, families and team mates.

7. Urban Tekkers PackTekkers Pack is the ultimate pack for serious training and endless fun. Use the 3 x 3 square grid to start playing Tic-Tac Tekkers, our take on the popular game but this time using a football and your skill. Challenge your friends, family or team-mates and see who can become the king or queen of the grid. When you're finished using your Tekkers Grid on the ground, simply hang it from any goal and you have an instant target sheet.

As springtime blooms around us, there's no better way to celebrate than by embracing the spirit of play with Flick's backyard games. Whether you're dribbling to the beat of music, passing with precision, or testing your skills with the Nutmeg Showdown, there's endless fun to be had in the sunshine. So gather your friends and family, grab your SpiralBall and Tekkers Pack, and let the games begin!