7 Football Games for Kids

7 Football Games for Kids

1. Traffic Lights

Difficulty : Beginner. Number of players : 2 or more players.

Before the game begins assign different instructions for each of the three traffic light colours. The idea is for players to dribble continuously with the ball until they receive a traffic light instruction. Green means to go and dribble. Orange means to swap balls with another player and red means to stop. Players who don’t manage to stop when red is called are out. Continue playing until you have a winner.

2. S.P.O.T

Difficulty : Intermediate. Number of players : 2 or more.

Any football fan will recognise this from their childhood. Players are required to hit the ball towards an upright surface such as the side of a house or large building. Players can then have one bounce before they have to return the ball to another player by rebounding the ball back to the surface. If somebody misses the ball or fails to return the ball with more than one bounce they are assigned the letters from the word ‘S.P.O.T.’ First player to spell the word ‘Spot’ is the loser. If you want to upgrade your game of spot you can look into playing this game with the Football Flick Dual-Speed Rebounder. It can make a great football gift and the price is worth it when your windows should always remain intact.

3. Soccer Tennis

Difficulty : Beginner. Number of players : 2 or more.

From Football flick is a unique game that combines tennis and football. Compete with friends playing tennis but instead by controlling the ball with your feet. Complete rally’s with friends and family tallying your points for other pairs to beat. Or simply compete by playing games such as first to 11 points to find a winner.

4. Knock Out

Difficulty : Beginner. Number of Players : 3 or more.

Knock Out is a classic when it comes to football games for kids. Games of knock-out are played in rounds. With one player in goal, the other players compete to score. The last player to score a goal in the round is eliminated from that round. Players continue to play round until enough players are eliminated and you have a final victor.

5. Piggy in the middle

Difficulty : Beginner. Number of players 3 or more. 

Using cones or jumpers you should define a space for players to use as the ‘pen.’ One player is the ‘piggy’ with the aim to try and get the ball from the other players. Other players pass the ball between themselves keeping the ball within the defined pen and making sure that the ‘piggy’ doesn’t touch the ball. If the ball is intercepted by the ‘piggy’ or it goes beyond the defined pen that player is now the new ‘piggy.’ This game is great for improving control and reactions in players of all abilities. It is even used as a great warm game for top professional players.

6. Pitch Pack One on One

Difficulty : Beginner. Number of players : 2.

This is a great game to be played between parents and children. It is a simple game of setting up two goals on a small pitch. The small pitch should help younger children to get used to controlling the ball and getting close to the goals. This makes Pitch Pack the perfect companion for this kind of close-knit simple game wherever you go. Pitch Pack comprises of two pop-up goals and adaptable pitch markings that all fit neatly into the backpack. Play games with your friends and family wherever you are. What’s more, the included pitch markings can work great as defining the space for your games number 5 (Piggy in the middle) and game 1 (Traffic Lights) making the pitch pack truly adaptable and useful piece of training equipment.

7. Around the Clock

Difficulty : Intermediate. Number of players : 2 or more.

Players arrange themselves into a circle and have the objective of keeping the ball in the air while passing the ball between themselves. Players that fail to control the ball are out of the game. Continue the game until you have a final winner.

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