Top Football Gifts for Under 15s

Top Football Gifts for Under 15s

Are you on the hunt for the perfect football gifts for the young enthusiast in your life? Look no further! In this guide, we’ve compiled a list to bring you the best football-related products that are not only exciting but also budget-friendly. These gifts are sure to score big. Let's kick things off with the top picks!

Football Flick Urban Skills Trainer:

This innovative training tool is perfect for honing ball control, passing accuracy, and shooting skills. The Football Flick Urban Skills Trainer is designed for use in small spaces, making it ideal for backyard practice sessions or impromptu games with friends.

Football Flick Urban Skills set:

The Football Flick Urban Skills Set comes with 4 different target experiences including moveable basket hoop, 2 target rings (which can be fitted onto any goal), and the mini target goal. Designed to test shooting and passing accuracy, this flexible Urban Skills Set can also be used with a range of other footballing accessories. You can use this training set alone, with friends, at home or at the park and it’s suitable for all ages and abilities too.

Football Flick Pro Skills Trainer:

The Football Flick Pro Skills Trainer is an all-in-one training platform created to improve touch, control and agility using the adjustable front rebounder, passing gate and return ramp. Practise the same Scientifically Validated exercises as the Urban Skills Trainer but using enhanced features of PRO. Strike the ball through the passing gate & control the ball as it travels up the mesh ramp and back to you, allowing multiple skills to be practised at once. 

Football Flick Urban 4ft Pop up Goal:

Set of 2 Football Flick Urban 4ft pop up goals. These are ideal for small sided games and group training sessions. The goals are made from lightweight fibreglass poles and hard wearing mesh for added durability. The goals easily pop up and fold away in seconds and come with a carry bag for easy transportation & storage. Use on all surfaces and secure with pegs, included for softer ground.

Football Flick Pro 90 match Ball:

FIFA Regulation match quality size 5 football made from premium materials using a traditional 32 panel design. Superior inner bladder gives great flight, balance and longer inflation. Soft textured skin for maximum surface area for improved feel, touch and control. Visually stunning design increases visibility in training or on the pitch. offers a fantastic range of football gifts for under 15s, catering to both beginners and aspiring professionals. These products not only promote skill development but also provide hours of fun and excitement. Whether your young football enthusiast is training solo or enjoying a game with friends, these budget-friendly gifts are sure to make their football experience even more enjoyable. Score a goal in the gift-giving game!