The Best Christmas Gifts to get Your Kids Outside More

In today's digital age, getting kids to spend more time outdoors can be a challenging task. With screens and video games capturing their attention, it's essential to find creative ways to encourage outdoor play and physical activity. In this blog, we'll explore some of our best products from that can get your kids excited about spending more time outdoors.

  1. Urban Skills trainer
    The Football Flick Urban Skills Trainer is the number one piece of equipment you need for your garden. The unique design is scientifically proven to improve your core skills by up to 73%. Pass the ball to the front ramp and watch the ball come back to you at different heights and angles.
    With a 4 in 1 experience the Urban trainer can be used by multiple kids at once.

  2. Urban Pitch Pack
    The foldable football goals are an ideal size for 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 matches. Each pop up goal is made of high quality fibreglass poles that are very easily assembled and disassembled. The Urban Pitch pack can be used on any surface making it ideal for the garden, pitch or even beach. The Urban Pitch Pack is ideal for kids and grown ups of all abilities who want to improve their football training or just have fun.
    We also have our high impact, shatter resistant uPVC goals checkout the range here.

  3. Hero! Target Tower
    The Football Flick Hero! Target Tower helps younger players develop their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. Quickly assemble the target tower and begin shooting your coloured footballs into the 3 target zones to combine mental learning with physical fun. Reversible design means Target Tower can be enjoyed for solo play and with friends and family.

  4. Urban Soccer Tennis
    With two soccer tennis sets to choose from, Either of the Urban Soccer Tennis sets are a fantastic game to play with family & friends. Use on any surface like gardens, parks, training pitches & even beaches to serve, volley & rally for hours of fun. Easily fold into the supplied lightweight carry bag for portability and storage and make sure you challenge your family and friends.
  5. Essentials Corner shots
    The pack includes 2 top bins football targets, quick fastening straps, pegs and carry bag. Attach the targets to any corner of your football net – top or bottom – and start improving your shooting, kicking and accuracy. The unique design is more durable than jointed alternatives and the premium quality uPVC is weatherproof and designed to withstand sustained impact from footballs. Start training like a pro in your garden, football club, grass pitch or anywhere there are football goals.

  6. Urban Tekkers Pack
    Tekkers Pack is the ultimate pack for serious training and endless fun. Use the 3 x 3 square grid to start playing Tic-Tac Tekkers, our take on the popular game but this time using a football and your skill. Challenge your friends, family or team-mates and see who can become the king or queen of the grid.  When you're finished using your Tekkers Grid on the ground, simply hang it from any goal and you have an instant target sheet. 

Getting your kids to spend more time outdoors can be both fun and beneficial for their physical and mental well-being. With offers on a fantastic range of products that can help you achieve this goal. Whether your child is a football enthusiast or just looking for exciting outdoor activities, these products provide a perfect blend of entertainment and skill development. So, why not take advantage of these innovative tools and inspire your kids to enjoy the great outdoors while honing their football skills?