Fun Football Gifts for Dads

Fun Football Gifts for Dads

Is your dad a devoted Football fan? This year, surprise him with gifts that not only celebrate his passion for the beautiful game but also bring the entire family together for unforgettable moments. We've compiled a list of exceptional football-themed products that promise hours of family fun. Football Flick Urban Skills Set

Kickstart the excitement with the Football Flick Urban Skills Set. This versatile training kit includes a rebounder net, a target hoop, and a ball, allowing your dad and the whole family to practise shooting, passing, and ball control right in your backyard. It's a fantastic way to hone skills and bond over shared goals.

  1. PRO 90 Match Ball

Add flair to your family matches with the Football Flick PRO 90 match ball.  This ball is designed for optimal control and manoeuvrability, perfect for showcasing those fancy footwork skills. It's not just a ball; it's an invitation to express creativity and style on the field.

  1. Urban Pitch Pack

Transform your backyard into a mini football pitch with the Urban Pitch Pack. Compact yet sturdy, these goals are easy to set up and provide endless entertainment for family matches. Whether it's a two-on-two showdown or penalty shootouts, these goals guarantee hours of friendly competition.

  1. PRO Wall Rebounder

Take family training sessions up a notch with the Football Flick PRO Wall Rebounder. Designed for solo or group play, this rebounder is perfect for practising passing, shooting, and ball control. The adjustable angle adds an element of challenge, making it suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

  1. Urban Tekkers Pack

Enhance agility and precision with the Football Flick Urban Tekkers Pack. Set up a game of Tik-Tak-Tekkers in your backyard or local park and challenge each family member to get a line with the Tekkers ball. It's a fantastic way to improve skills while enjoying some friendly family rivalry.

  1. Urban Ball

Introduce a unique twist to your family games with the Football Flick Urban Ball. This specially designed ball is perfect for playing on hard surfaces, opening up opportunities for matches in the driveway or street. Its durable construction ensures hours of play, making it an ideal addition to your family's football equipment.

  1. Urban Target Sheet

Add a competitive edge to your backyard matches with the Football Flick Street Soccer Target Sheet. This target sheet attaches easily to your goal, turning it into a precision training tool. Challenge each family member to hit the targets and watch as accuracy and skill levels soar.

Make this year memorable by surprising your soccer-loving dad with top-quality products from These gifts not only celebrate his passion for the game but also provide endless opportunities for the entire family to come together, have fun, and create lasting memories. Elevate your family's football experience with Football Flick – where skill meets joy!