Essential Training Gear for Footballers

Essential Training Gear for Footballers

As Christmas time approaches, you may be sat down wondering what present to get a football mad boy or girl. Well don’t look further than Football Flicks Essentials Range!

The Essentials range is a collection of products designed to help you improve your all-round training. These are the basic items any footballer needs in their collection.

Within this blog we will look into every essential product that would be perfect for training in the garden or training with friends on a football pitch!

 The Essentials Training Set

The Football Flick Essentials Training Set is a high quality, durable & fully portable set of training equipment ideal for individuals, football clubs or football coaches. It contains 3 foldable slalom poles, 3 bases & 3 fabric training buddy mannequins to help improve freekicks, shooting, agility, and all-round fitness. SHOP HERE

 Essential Corner Shots

The Football Flick Essentials Corner Shot Top Bins is a premium football training product for players of all ages and abilities. The pack includes 2 top bins football targets, quick fastening straps, pegs and carry bag. Attach the targets to any corner of your football net – top or bottom – and start improving your shooting, kicking and accuracy. SHOP HERE

 Essentials Octa Speed Rings

The Football Flick Essentials Octa Speed Rings is a set of 12 versatile & highly visible large 8-sided speed rings. They can be set up in different ways to test and develop numerous speed and agility exercises in all ages. SHOP HERE

 Essentials Multi Hurdles

The Football Flick Essentials Multi Hurdles is a set of 3 versatile & highly visible moulded hurdles. Their ingenious design means each hurdle can be adjusted to 3 different heights of 6″, 9″ & 12″ by simply lifting the bar. This allows players to practice fast steps, hops, speed & agility training. SHOP HERE

 Essentials Drills Set

The Football Flick Essentials Drills Set is the ideal football training equipment for kids and adults. The set contains football training cones, bibs, passing tunnel and agility ladder to improve footwork. Improve your skills by creating & practicing passing, speed & agility drills to improve your cardio fitness, co-ordination, and reaction times in football, running, rugby or any sport requiring speed & agility. Use the agility ladder on any surface, anywhere by laying each heavy-duty nylon strap parallel to each other & adjust the rungs to your liking. Set the sports cones in any position or distance. SHOP HERE 

 Essentials Handheld Rebounder

The Football Flick Essentials Handheld Rebounder is a 60x60cm handheld rebounder with detachable handles. The rebounder helps improve skills in goalkeeper agility & reaction speeds as well as fast control training for outfield players by angling to create unpredictable returns. It can also be used in many different ball sports and is great fun. SHOP HERE 

 Pro 90 Match Ball

FIFA Regulation match quality size 5 football made from premium materials using a traditional 32 panel design. Superior inner bladder gives great flight, balance, and longer inflation. Soft textured skin for maximum surface area for improved feel, touch, and control. Visually stunning design increases visibility in training or on the pitch. SHOP HERE 

 Urban Ball

Distinctive, high quality, Football Flick Urban designed size 4 & 5 ball, for fun, training, and matches. Use on its own, or as a perfect companion to the Football Flick Urban range of Training products. SHOP HERE

 Urban Goals


 The Football Flick Urban Goal offers an unrivalled combination of quality, brand and price. Our all-weather, shatter resistant, high-impact uPVC goals are now available in four popular sizes and are perfect for players of all levels, from kids in back gardens to practise pitches. Our Urban goals include an angled match specification stanchion providing the ultimate training and match experience. Our goals are designed to offer superior quality, durability, and performance, making them the best choice for every level of footballer. The Urban goal is trusted by football clubs and thousands of players & parents around the world for their back garden.