How to improve your Top Bins - Lesson 1 - Back to School

How to improve your Top Bins - Lesson 1 - Back to School

In football, there's no sight quite as exhilarating as seeing the ball nestle perfectly in the top corner of the net. It's a testament to precision, skill, and technique that separates the great from the good. In this blog post, we'll delve into the art of scoring "top bins" in football, breaking down the key elements and providing tips to help you master this striking technique.

What Does "Top Bins" Mean?

"Top bins" is a term commonly used in football to describe a goal scored by placing the ball in the top corner of the net, where the goalkeeper has little chance of making a save. It's often considered the most aesthetically pleasing way to score, showcasing both accuracy and power.

Key Elements of Scoring "Top Bins":

  1. Placement and Precision: The essence of scoring "top bins" is placing the ball with pinpoint accuracy. It's not just about hitting the top corner; it's about hitting the exact spot in that corner.

  2. Power: While precision is paramount, you also need sufficient power behind your shot to ensure the ball reaches the top corner before the goalkeeper can react.

  3. Technique: Proper technique is essential. This includes your body positioning, the angle of your striking foot, and your follow-through.

  4. Timing: Scoring "top bins" often involves a quick release. Timing is crucial to catch the goalkeeper off guard.

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Tips for Scoring "Top Bins":

Choose Your Moment: The best opportunities to score "top bins" often arise when you're one-on-one with the goalkeeper or have a clear line of sight to the top corner. Recognize these moments and be ready to strike.

Focus on Technique:

  • Keep your body over the ball to maintain balance and control.
  • Strike the ball with your laces, ensuring your foot makes clean contact with the center of the ball.

Placement is Key:

  • Identify the spot in the top corner you want to target. Aim for that precise location rather than simply aiming for the general area.

Quick Decision-Making: Don't hesitate. Once you've chosen your spot, commit to the shot. Delaying your strike can allow the goalkeeper to react.

Practice Under Pressure: Simulate game situations during practice. Have a defender close in on you, or set a time limit for your shot. This will help you perform well in real-game scenarios.

Vary Your Technique: Scoring "top bins" isn't limited to just powerful strikes. Experiment with volleys, chips, and free-kicks to diversify your arsenal.

Mental Focus: Stay composed and confident when aiming for "top bins." Visualization can be a powerful tool to help you execute with precision.

Analyze the Goalkeeper: Pay attention to the goalkeeper's positioning. If they tend to cover one side more than the other, exploit the open corner.

Repetition: Like any skill in football, practice makes perfect. Regularly work on your finishing and aim for the top corner to build muscle memory.

Seek Feedback: Ask your coaches and teammates for feedback on your shooting technique. They can provide valuable insights and suggestions for improvement.

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Scoring "top bins" in football is a display of exquisite skill and technique. It's a moment that electrifies fans and leaves goalkeepers helpless. By honing your precision, power, and technique, and by practicing under pressure, you can become a master of the art of placing the ball perfectly in the top corner. Remember, the road to scoring "top bins" is paved with dedication and countless hours of practice, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth the effort.