Flick Announce New Retail Partnership With Foudys

Flick Announce New Retail Partnership With Foudys

Flick, the world's only football training equipment Proven By Science, and Foudys, the first retailer dedicated to the fans and players of women's football, are delighted to announce a new partnership.

Launched in 2020 by Helen Hardy, Foudys was established as a brand that is all about breaking the barriers female football players and fans face. 

Starting immediately, Foudys will make available 7 of Flick's best selling products via their online store. Included in this selection of products is the Flick Urban Skills Trainer, the only product in world football scientifically validated to improve performance. 

Gareth Hodskinson, CEO, Flick says 'Choosing the right retailer partners for our brand is hugely important to us. We were keen to engage with Foudys as they represent something truly different in the world of football and as a retailer. Our equipment is designed for players of all ages, sexes and abilities but we are certainly eager to see more girls taking up the sport. This partnership will extend our reach into this dedicated audience and we are excited to see the results.'

You can visit the Foudys website here and shop the available Flick range here

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