Football Rebounders: A complete guide

Football Rebounders: A complete guide

Playing football at home used to mean all you would need to get started is a football. At Football Flick though we always understood that sometimes practising on your own could prove tricky, which is why we created our range of rebounders. Whether you are just starting out or you’re already playing in professional academies we have got the training equipment you need to start improving your skills like you never knew you could. With just a bit of added imagination, you can create all sorts of games with a football rebounder and create skills you may never have thought possible simply on your own.


Our rebounders are very easy to set up and easily transferable. You can set up your football flick rebounder and keep it up in one place. However, if you want to go and practise with your friend or family you can easily pack it down and quickly set it back up in your preferred destination. It is also very convenient for your wall and football! This may sound unusual but many people will practice rebounds against a wall. This could mean your ball is slowly but surely getting battered, with our rebounders the material used will not damage your ball in any way. Also, hitting it against your wall can also cause loud noises, now you may not upset your wall but you may be slightly upsetting your fellow neighbours. With our rebounders, you can quietly enjoy practising your skills without damaging any of your belongings.

Rebounder Play

One two’s

Elite sides such as Manchester City use one-two’s consistently to open up space for the following teammates. Now this skill may look easy but there are many different factors to a ‘one two’. If a fellow teammate passes the ball to you with perfection into your feet this can make the return pass much easier. However, there is no guarantee that this could happen, the ball could be slightly in the air, it could be hit with real power or it could be under hit. The rebounder will help you practise for every possible scenario. This is also can be reversed, if you are the one passing you want to make it easy as possible for your fellow teammate. One of the main features of our Urban and Pro skills trainer is that you can practise one-two’s solo and prepare yourself for different types of scenarios when it comes to one-two’s. You can attempt to keep the ball up as long as possible. In the video below 0.15 seconds in you can see a clear example of how the rebounder can be used for one-twos with our Urban Skills Trainer.


Ball Control

We all know how vital ball control is at any level in football. If you have close ball control it can go a long way in your development to the top. If you receive a ball with the power you will want to control the ball as close to you as possible, this will avoid potential opponents intercepting the ball of you. Ball control is a skill that can be perfected over a long time of practicing. You can do this with our Urban or Pro range rebounders. Both products offer essential services to ensure your ball control meets the level you want. You can start off slowly with passes that aren’t hit with as much speed, this will make it easier to control the ball. Once your perfecting that you can eventually start hitting the rebounder with more speed so it comes back at you faster to make it more challenging to control the ball.


This is a very important skill to possess, you will want to make sure your passes are as accurate as possible towards the rebounder. To be able to have as much control as possible it is essential you hit the middle of the rebounder. This is when our rebounders can become so useful at practising your passing speed. With our rebounders the idea is you get back what you give. For example, if your pass is powerful into the centre the ball will rebound back perfectly into your lap. If your pass unintentionally goes a little bit to the side, it will either miss the target which in real gameplay would miss your fellow teammate. Otherwise, it could still hit the rebounder but it may not be an easy ball to control back; this would again be similar in a real game because if your pass is not perfect your teammate will find it harder to pass it back. This epitomises the importance of the rebounder because it is easily comparable to a real match experience.

Goalkeeping training

Being a goalkeeper is very unique as we understand it is very hard to train on your own. With our rebounders, you can finally test your reflexes, reactions, handling and diving skills. You can now practice dives and get used to reaching for the ball by throwing the ball at your rebounder and then practice making saves on your own. To make this more realistic you can also stand in between a Goal Post and do the same method, this will help you get a better understanding of your positioning.

Play with friends

Football Flick offers a hand-held rebounder which is perfect when using with a friend, these are designed to improve your skills at goalkeeper agility as well as fast control and reaction for outfield players. Being handheld means that it is easy to handle and creates unpredictable returns in lots of other ball sports.

Check out our Rebounders

Urban Dual Speed Rebounder

Our Dual sided Rebounder is made from high-quality materials. Adjusts to 6 different angle positions for varied returns from the large surface area. The sturdy design folds flat for storage and portability. Made from Metal, Elasticated Nylon and Plastic.

Essentials Hand Held Rebounder

Designed to improve your skills goalkeeper agility as well as fast control and reaction for outfield players. Being hand-held means that it is easy to handle and creates unpredictable returns in lots of other ball sports.



Our Ultra-durable rebound wall is perfect for improving ground passes. Sturdy construction from aluminium and high tensile mesh can withstand continual usage. Unique design minimises movement when the rebound wall is struck by a football at any pace. The compact design allows for easy storage and assembly.

Hero! Mini Skills Trainer

Looking for a rebounder that can help improve younger players’ abilities? The Hero! Mini Skills Trainer is the perfect place to start. Specially designed for players between the age of 3 and 7.

Urban Skills Trainer

Our all-in-one training platform as well as having a front ramp and target basket also includes a rear rebounder. Scientifically validated to improve players’ control – This makes the trainer the world’s only scientifically validated to improve players’ control.

Pro Skills Trainer

This is the World’s first ‘decline’ rebounder. Fully extend the rebounder to the front & create a downward ball return. This recreates real game bounces to improve decision-making. Use for multi-distance training. Reactionary rebound net adapts ball return speed for rapid, close touches whilst longer passing and control exercises can also be performed. Premium grade materials – constructed from laser cut steel and the highest grade mesh available. The brushed coating protects the unit from all weather conditions

Pro Wall Rebounder

This is a unique visual design which enhances concentration and guides players to hit the strike zone which improves accuracy beyond simply trying to hit the board. It’s a Large 150cm x 40cm surface area with two return angles for additional training drills. This rebounder is a specially weighted construction that ensures minimal movement, even when the board is struck with extreme force. It is easy to transport and easy to set up via high-grade, hinged arms.